Donegal Information Initiative - Afghanistan Humanitarian Crisis

The Donegal Intercultural Platform have been asked by the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) The Irish Refugee Council and supported by the NGO NASC to help identify Afghan people in Donegal who need help and support with regard to their visa status, refugee status, work issues and applications for Family Reunification etc.

We have been asked to prepare a confidential list with the contact details of each Afghan person living here and a description of the support they need.

If people are seeking to bring family members to Ireland we also ask them to provide just the name, age and family relationship of these family members.

We have also been asked to provide any additional information that might help any future application like “Was a member of the Police Force or Army” or “Worked as an interpreter for US or Nato forces” etc…

This information will be held securely and only shared with the Legal Department of the Irish Refugee Council who then hope to follow up with each person, when they are able to do so, to advise them of their next steps, eligibility etc.

This list will also allow the Donegal Intercultural Platform to inform and update people if we hear of any new immigration related developments that may be relevant to their situation.

Contact Information

For Family Reunification Issues

Please list your family members as follows

Relative Number 1

Relative Number 2
Relative Number 3