Arab Community (SANAD)

Sanad is a volunteer-led organisation that seeks to promote the richness of Arab culture by raising awareness of traditions, history, values, art and food. It is a community-based group that is inclusive of Arab nationalities and is open towards other ethnic minority groups within Donegal.

Bangladeshi Community

The Bangladeshi Community in Donegal is a community organisation registered with the Public Participation Network (Registration no-PPN 00527). It organises community activities such as celebrating Bengali festivals like the Mother Tongue Event on 21st February, family get-togethers, intercultural and social inclusion work. The Association also promotes Bengali heritage and culture among the diverse communities in Donegal. The Bangladeshi Community in Donegal was established in 2018 based on equality, human rights and cross-community friendship. The Association is affiliated to Donegal Intercultural Platform.

Islamic Association

The Letterkenny Islamic Association is a registered charity representing Muslims in the whole of Co. Donegal. It performs charitable activities such as helping to support the local WE Care Food Bank, organises prayers and events for the local Muslim community such as the weekly Friday prayers, Eid prayers, activities during Ramadan, celebrations for the two festivals of Eid ul-Fitr and Eid ul-Adha, takes part in interfaith activities and connects with the wider community of people of other faiths and no faith. An important part of the activities of the association is to provide assistance to local members with a variety of issues.