Staff from DIP and Donegal Travellers Project at their meeting with Sinéad Gibney, (4th left) Chief Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Pathways to Inclusion

The Pathways to Inclusion Project 2023/4 (known as Pathways) now reaches further afield as the project has grown to cover the county since its inception in December 2022. Now that we have secured continuation funding through to September 2024 we will be expanding this work to offer support to residents of the IPAS centres across Donegal.

The Project operates 3 days per week providing a drop-in advocacy clinic at the Letterkenny Intercultural Hub on Monday afternoon, Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning and also reaches out to the accommodation centres outside Letterkenny This is planned to expand to 5 days per week from late January 2024). Pathways offers support with navigating the challenges of living in Donegal for International Protection Applicants from medical card issues, permits to enter the labour market, volunteering opportunities, laptop loans for people engaging in education courses and much more.  We are developing ‘Know Your Rights’ and sign-posting information in a number of languages and hoping to help improve collaboration across the agencies and organisations supporting IPAS residents.

We can also provide advocacy support through Arabic, French, Somali, Georgian and Pashto/Dari as well as Ukrainian / Russian with advance notice through the assistance of our Community Interpreters.

Main Activities

Pathways has four key strategic goals, all with education at their core but making links to employability, language, capacity building and intercultural awareness.

The project worker is Balume Dube. email:  Tel: 083 399 8269
The project is funded by the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Inclusion and Youth (DCEDIY)