Individuals join as supporters, and organisations join as affiliates. Select appropriate tab below for further info:


Join as a Supporter

Membership of the Intercultural Platform’s Supporters Team affords the right to attend our public meetings and seminars, receive copies of the Platform bulletin, emails and other updates about the day-to-day work of the Platform. Membership of the Supporters Team remains open until the individual notifies the Platform wishing to resign from the organisation.

Membership fees

There are no annual membership fees but we ask supporters to make an annual donation whether in cash or in kind (catering for event, offering lifts to events for other supporters… etc)

When we are organising training courses (where funding permits) we will offer discounted rates or free access for supporters and special fees for affiliated organisations.

To join as a supporter please fill out your details on the form below.


    Join as Affiliate

    Affiliation to the Intercultural Platform is a statement of solidarity and support for our work and affords the right to send a representative to events and meetings of the Platform, receive copies of the platform bulletin, e-zines, emails and other updates about the day-to-day work of the Platform and where possible opportunities to join in our trainings. As we are now a limited company the direct governance role rests with our elected Voluntary Board of Management. Affiliated organisations do not have a voting role, rather they have a consultative one. Also affiliates are entitled to send up to three non-voting participants at any special meeting or AGM of the Platform. Organisations are required to affiliate each calendar year and the fee structure is as follows:

      • Non-funded volunteer-based organisation – €10 per year (can be paid in 2 instalments and aid in-kind)*
      • Funded Community Organisation/Local NGO – €25 per year (annual invoice)*
      • Funded Agency/Service/Larger NGO (50+ staff) – €50 per year (annual invoice)*

    *Affiliation after June each calendar year will be charged at half rate. Affiliation will be sent out annually in December. The sums listed above are for the calendar year and are due in January each year.

    Affiliation Fees

    These annual fees are a small contribution towards the cost of emails, texts and newsletters, bulletins & reserved places on training courses & events. These fees are open to amendment by the decision of the Voluntary Board of Management of the Platform.

    To Join as an affiliate please fill out your details on the form below.