Think Equality Donegal (TED)

Think Equality Donegal (TED) was established in 2021 as a unique collaboration between the
Donegal Travellers Project, Donegal Intercultural Platform and Donegal Local Development
Company. The project seeks to promote the inclusion of Black Minority Ethnic (BME)
communities, including Traveller and Roma, in all aspects of the county’s economic and
social life by building a culture of respect for human rights, equality and intercultural
understanding. Specifically, the project is concerned with addressing the barriers that are
preventing members of BME communities, including Traveller and Roma, from having
equality of access and outcome across public services in Donegal. To that end, a core
component of our work is to engage, inform and support public/government bodies to meet
their responsibilities to comply with the public sector equality and human rights duty. At the
same time, we are working to build the capacity of BME communities, including Traveller
and Roma, to assume leadership and decision-making roles within our public institutions.
Think Equality Donegal’s vision is of an inclusive, equal society in Donegal where
culture, diversity and ethnicity are valued and celebrated within connected
communities across the county, and where prejudice and discrimination have no
place on the lips or in the minds of our residents or our leaders.

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